1 in 10 Los Angeles County Residents Here Illegally

1 in 10 Los Angeles County Residents Here Illegally Banner Image

A study conducted by the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration released a study on Tuesday that found that 1 in 10 L.A. County residents is here illegally.  The study also found that many of that number have been in the country for more that 10 years and are the parents of children born here and are American citizens.  1 in 5 children in Los Angeles County has at least one parent who is in the country illegally.

What does all this mean for California and, specifically, Los Angeles?  Well, the study estimates that approximately 1 out of 4 of the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally live in California.  The study goes on to state that immigrants living in L.A. County make a median wage of $18,000 a year, compared to $47,000 for U.S. born residents and that only 33% of these immigrants have health insurance.

This study helps paint a picture of the landscape of Southern California’s immigrant population and how big of an impact immigration reform will make on Los Angeles County.  Currently, Congress is trying to work out a bipartisan plan for immigration reform and many insiders believe there will be some aspect of an amnesty plan for those currently living in the country.

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