Drug charges most commonly include

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Use
  • Possession for Sale
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Cultivation/Manufacturing

Due to the wide varying factors in drug cases, penalties can range from jail or prison time, to probation, fines, community service or even drug rehabilitation programs.  It is important to have an attorney with knowledge of all the possible resources available to someone facing a drug charge and be able to aggressively pursue the option that allows the client to keep their freedom while being able to take advantage of rehabilitation.

In many drug offense cases, important factors are the type and classification of the substance, the amount seized, location of the substance, packaging and all other surrounding circumstances of the arrest.  Many possession crimes now are simple misdemeanors which can be handled through a formal or informal diversion.  Additionally, Attorney Ross Erlich can assist in placing you or your loved one in an in-patient or out-patient drug treatment facility, which also helps to resolve their case more favorably.

Also keep in mind that just because possessing marijuana in California is now no longer a crime, there are still many crimes on the books that involve it.  Possession for sale, transportation, manufacturing/cultivation, driving while under the influence of marijuana and others.

Contact Attorney Ross Erlich if you have been charged with a drug offense so that your rights and interests are aggressively protected.

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