By law, anyone involved in a traffic accident has the responsibility to identify themselves to the other party, regardless of who was at fault, and provide their insurance information.  Many people fail to realize that even if you were in a minor traffic collision that was not your fault and you leave the scene, you can be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run.

Many hit and run incidents start with local law enforcement calling the person who committed the hit and run and asking them to “come into the station” so that they can finish their report and get some additional information.  What people forget is that law enforcement is, in reality, asking you to come down to get interrogated by a detective who will put pressure on you to admit guilt and make an incriminating statement.  The reality is, you are under no obligation to go down to the station, to make any kind of statement and, depending on the facts, you should have your attorney call the detective back and say no thank you.

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