While most people choose to go into court on their own to fight their traffic ticket, there are several instances where having an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney handle your tickets make more sense.

Examples of traffic citations that Ross Erlich handles are:

– Speeding

– Driving on a suspended license

– Hit and run

– Reckless driving

– Red light camera tickets


– Fix-it tickets


You should contact Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Ross Erlich if having another traffic ticket on your record will either trigger a license suspension, impact your employment, impact your insurance rates, run the risk of getting your insurance cancelled, or you are no longer eligible for traffic school.  The average person in Los Angeles can expect their insurance to go up by an average of $700 after getting a ticket on their record.

Attorney Ross Erlich knows how to handle traffic tickets in a manner that can dismiss the ticket outright, get a fine or failure to appear dismissed or reduced, and prevent a point from being placed on your driving record.

Traffic tickets in Los Angeles are expensive, time consuming and set up to have you simply go online and pay the ticket and be done.  The problem with just “paying the ticket and being done”, is that by doing so, you are pleading guilty to the violation and you no longer have the option to fight the ticket.

If you hold a commercial license and drive commercially for a living, it is imperative that you get an experienced attorney to fight your ticket.  Commercial drivers are no longer eligible for traffic school, even if not driving a commercial vehicle when they received the citation.  Also, there is no longer the option of the 12 hour second offender traffic school.  This means that you only have 1 chance to attend traffic school within 18 months to get the citation off of your record.

To find out how Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Ross Erlich can fight your traffic ticket in Chatsworth, Van Nuys or Metropolitan Court in Los Angeles, contact the office today.

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