6 Arrested In LAX Luggage Theft

6 Arrested In LAX Luggage Theft Banner Image

Six people have been arrested and several others detained after police officers served search warrants in a months-long investigation into baggage theft at LAX.

The property thefts were linked to a group of individuals, all of whom are current or former employees of companies contracted by airlines for baggage services.  Law enforcement says the investigation began after a string of reports regarding luggage thefts from terminals, runways and planes.  The investigation ultimately involved officers going undercover among the baggage handlers.

The investigation is still ongoing and more arrests are expected to be made.  Law enforcement says that the process now begins of linking the thefts and items to dates and personnel working on those dates.  Jewelry, electronics, clothing and other personal items were among the items stolen.  Many of the arrests were for receiving stolen property and other theft-related offenses and these suspects will be appearing at the Airport Court.

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