Clark Gable’s son facing DUI and hit-and-run charges

Clark Gable’s son facing DUI and hit-and-run charges Banner Image

Gone With the Wind star Clark Gable’s son was arrest around 3p.m. on Tuesday for DUI and hitting several parked cars in Malibu.  An eyewitness to the arrest stated that Mr. Gable appeared to fall on the ground upon exiting his car for the police.  Jail records show that Mr. Gable was taken to the hospital for a blood test and released on $15,000 bail late Tuesday night.

Fortunately for Mr. Gable, there was no one injured in these collisions or he would be facing more serious charges with greater consequences.  As it stands now, it appears as though Mr. Gable will be charge with a first offense DUI and misdemeanor hit-and-run charges.

So you might be asking yourself, “I wonder what will happen to this guy?”  Well, DUI and hit-and-run charges quite commonly stem from the same incident.  There are many possible outcomes in this scenario, including a civil compromiseto settle and dismiss the hit-and-run charges.  However, the prosecutor will likely be requesting a greater fine, a longer DUI education program, community service or a community labor requirement on top of all the standard DUI terms.

Prosecutors take DUI-related hit-and-run charges very seriously in Los Angeles since this is a city where people drive a lot and accidents like these have a high probability of injuring innocent people.   Because of this, it is important for you to have an aggressive criminal defense attorney who has handled numerous DUI cases involving complex issues to fight for your rights and to minimize any consequences to you or your license.  It is also critical of you, or your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, to contact the DMV within 10 days of your arrest or face an automatic suspension of your license without a hearing!

If you have been charged with a DUI or hit-and-run in Malibu, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Mid City, Culver City or the Westside, contact criminal defense attorney Ross Erlich for a free in-person case consultation and to get the wheels of justice spinning in your direction.