Drugged Driving On The Rise in Los Angeles

Drugged Driving On The Rise in Los Angeles Banner Image

Even with alcohol-related traffic fatalities on the decline, the number of deadly car accidents involving drugs is on the rise.

The California Office of Traffic Safety recently announced that 30% of all drivers killed in car accidents in 2010 tested positive for legal and/or illegal drugs. The key to the increase of arrests for “driving while drugged” is the Office of Traffic Safety’s teaming up with the California Highway Patrol to increase drug recognition police officer training.

Driving under the influence of drugs, legal or not, may still result in your arrest for DUI or other driving under the influence charges. Under Penal Code section 23152(a), you will be arrested if a police office believes that you are driving while “under the influence of drugs, or alcohol, or both.”

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and have a court appearance at the Airport Courthouse, Beverly Hills Courthouse or anywhere in the Mid-City area, contact attorney Ross Erlich as soon as possible. It is important to start working on your case early in order to pursue other possible avenues to resolve your matter without going to trial.