Fatal hit-and-run suspect turns himself in

Fatal hit-and-run suspect turns himself in Banner Image

The suspect involved in the fatal hit-and-run accident that occurred on Saturday night in Koreatown has turned himself in to authorities on Monday evening. On Saturday night, a 42 year-old man was hit at the intersection of Olympic and Norton and pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 20002, any driver that is involved in a collision that results in any damage must stop at the nearest location so as not to impede traffic and make contact with the other party involved. Each party is also responsible for exchanging driver’s license information, registration information and valid insurance information in order to comply with California law.

Failure to stop, notify the other party or exchange this information can lead to an arrest or a notice to appear for a court date for a misdemeanor violation of California Vehicle Code section 20002.

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