L.A. County Sheriff Deputies Caught Lying

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Two LA County Sheriff’s deputies were arrested last week and charged with lying about a drug bust.  The two deputies were charged with filing a false police report and conspiracy to commit a crime after investigators say they discovered videotape of the drug bust that contradicts the deputies’ report.

The deputies made a brief court appearance last Thursday, but the case was continued for arraignment on May 13.

The investigation of the two deputies’ story began after a criminal defense attorney for the man arrested discovered surveillance tape that contradicted the deputies’ description of the activities.  Specifically, the Sheriff’s deputies stated that they received a tip about a man selling cocaine out of his car in a parking lot.  The deputies then stated that they contacted the suspect next to the driver’s door of his car and that they observed narcotics in plain view inside of the vehicle.

The only problem with this account is that the videotape tells a different story.  In fact, the tape shows the deputies contact the suspect at the rear of his vehicle and thus, the deputies could not possibly be in a position to observe the narcotics.

The deputies now each face up to 3 years in prison if convicted of these charges.

Sadly, false, fabricated or exaggerated police reports are not uncommon in this business.  Some police officers realize that accurately reporting the incident does not always put them, or their actions, in the best light.  It is important that if you feel you have been wrongfully accused or charged with a crime, contact attorney Ross Erlich before you make any statements to investigators or authorities.  Trying to talk your way out of an arrest most often puts you in a worse position than you would be had you exercised your right to remain silent.

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