Lohan To Miss Rehab Deadline?

Lohan To Miss Rehab Deadline? Banner Image

Lindsay Lohan may be in some hot water with the law.  Again.  Lohan must provide proof to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge today that she has enrolled in rehab.  The problems has been that, according to social network websites and other news media, Lohan has yet to get enrolled in any program.  Additionally, a source in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office said they had not yet received any news of her enrollment.

As you may recall, Lohan entered into a plea agreement whereby she would serve 90 days in a live-in drug rehabilitation facility without the ability to come and go as she pleases.  This plea deal was in exchange for a no contest plea to misdemeanor reckless driving and providing false information to a police officer, stemming from her car accident on PCH.  Additionally, Lohan must spend 18 months in psychotherapy and serve 30 days of community service.

Why such a harsh punishment you might ask?  Well, Lohan was on probation at the time of this arrest and because of this, she faced increased penalties for violating the terms and conditions of her probation.  One of the terms and conditions of all grants of probation is to “not violate any law or order of the court.”  By pleading no contest to the new charges of reckless driving and providing false information to a police officer, Lohan violated her probation in the older case by violating a law while on probation.

I see many stories where people get into car accidents and decide to either leave the scene, committing a hit-and-run, or decide to give the responding police officer some inaccurate account of what happened.  Many times this is done to cover something up, not be blamed for the accident or in an attempt to not get arrested.  What you should be aware of is that lying or providing misleading information to a police officer can be a more serious charge then the underlying reckless driving or hit-and-run.

If you have been involved in a DUI, hit-and-run or reckless driving in Los Angeles and are set to go to the Van Nuys court, Airport court, Metropolitan court or Burbank court, contact attorney Ross Erlich before you decide to make any statements to law enforcement.  It will probably be your best decision.