No Vacancy

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The Los Angeles County jail system could run out of vacancy as early as next month due to the new practice known as “realignment.”

The State of California, under direction from the United States Supreme Court, has instituted this new policy of realignment to deal with the overcrowding in state prison. Under this new approach, as many as 8,000 state prisoners – those with non-serious and non-violent convictions – will be transferred and serve their sentence in county jails.

Considering this new influx of state prisoners into county jails, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking at ways to deal with the increase in population, including electronic monitoring, house arrest and other non-custody alternatives. Another strategy the Department is considering is having those charged with drug offenses enter into a sober living or other substance abuse education programs instead of in jail custody.

It comes down to simple math. With funding for only an additional 1,800 beds, inmates will be released earlier and have more options to earn custody credits.

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