Criminal Assault Charges Dropped Against A Kardashian

Criminal Assault Charges Dropped Against A Kardashian Banner Image

Rob Kardashian has settled a civil suit brought against him by a paparazzo he, allegedly, assaulted in March after the camerawoman took pictures of Kardashian while he was shirtless at the gym.  Rob allegedly hit the paparazzo in the face and took the memory card from her camera when he was caught changing after a workout.

On Thursday of this week, misdemeanor assault charges were dropped after Rob agreed to pay the camerawoman the value of her equipment and after she agreed not to pursue the case.

What most likely happened in this case was some form of informal deferred sentence, plea or civil compromise was entered into between the victim and Mr. Kardashian.  For more information on a civil compromise, click here to read previous blogs about this valuable resource.  In short, a civil compromise allows you, the defendant, to compensate the victim for their time, inconvenience and out of pocket expenses in exchange for them agreeing to not object to having the criminal charges against you dismissed and permanently suspended.  A civil compromise is a valuable tool for cases involving theft, assault and hit-and-run.

If you have been arrested or given a citation for assault, battery, hit-and-run or theft/shoplifting, contact attorney Ross Erlich as soon as possible.  As you can see from the outcome of Mr. Kardashian’s case, getting attorney representation early in the process may provide a better chance for a civil compromise and dismissal of your misdemeanor criminal charges.  Ross Erlich handles all theft, assault, battery, hit-and-run and petty theft cases in the Metropolitan Court, Criminal Courts Building (CCB), Airport Court, Pasadena Court and all over Southern California.