Woman Acquitted In Aspiring Model’s Murder

Woman Acquitted In Aspiring Model’s Murder Banner Image

After more than a week of deliberations, jurors acquitted Kelly Soo Park of murder in the death of aspiring model Juliana Redding.  The reading of the verdict sparked emotional and vocal outbursts by Redding’s family and supporters who were inside of the courtroom.

The reason this verdict was so surprising was that Park’s DNA was all over the crime scene where Redding lay strangled and dead.  Specifically, Park’s DNA was on the victim’s clothing and inside of the locked door of her apartment.  It was also on the victim’s cell phone, the knob of the stove that was left on and even found on the victim’s neck, seemingly overwhelming evidence for a conviction.

Jurors were not interviewed and thus, there is no explanation for their verdict of not guilty.  Experts and reporters believe that the case was solely based on DNA evidence and that the District Attorney’s office was never able to explain why a person with no record of violence would commit this type of crime.

There were also many pre-trial issues that the jury was never able to hear about.  For example, in a pre-trial hearing, the judge ruled that the prosecution could not argue that Park worked as “hired muscle” for a doctor who was angry with the victim’s father over a business deal gone wrong.  Additionally, the defense was not allowed to introduce testimony that Redding’s boyfriend could possibly be the killer due to a pattern of jealous and violent behavior leading up to the time of the murder.

This case just goes to show that you are truly innocent until proven guilty.  Even with DNA evidence against you, that still may not be enough for a conviction if you have a smart and aggressive attorney.  If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter or any other violent crime, it is important to contact attorney Ross Erlich right from the start.  Having representation right when the investigation gets underway can prevent incriminating statements and other damaging items of evidence from ever materializing.

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